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Intel Pineview Atom based Motherboards
Complete Overview

low cost meets low power consumption and small form factor

Intel's new Pineview Atom integrates the GPU and the memory controller into the cpu chip, thereby noticeably reducing power draw and heat. This brings quiet passively cooled computing into the mainstream and provides a great platform for small Linux based internet PCs, home NAS file servers or internet gateways/firewalls.
Here is an overview of all Pineview Atom based Motherboards that have been announced or released so far, with full specifications and descriptions.

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Five Best Linux HTPC Motherboards

build your own Linux home theater PC with any of these boards

Are you planning to build a Linux HTPC front-end or a stand-alone Linux HTPC, but are you unsure which motherboards would be best suited? Well look no further, we have put together a list of five great motherboards that in our opinion would all make a solid basis for a great Linux HTPC.

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Available Nvidia ION based products overview

Nvidia ION motherboards, PCs, nettops, netbooks, all-in-ones

Combining the low power consumption of the Atom with the powerful graphical capabilities of the ION results in low power, low cost, small form factor PC solutions that are powerful enough for playback of 1080p video content and therefore ideal for a small, silent, Linux HTPC front-end.
There haven been many ION based products announced in the last few months by several manufacturers. Here you can find an overview of ION based products that are already available to buy, with a short summary of their features and specs.

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