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Linux Laptops Bestsellers in Germany

two Linux Laptops in the bestsellers top ten, both outselling Apple

Amazon bestsellers screen shot
Amazon bestsellers 23/07/09 screen shot
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A look at the current (23rd July 2009) (Germany) Laptop/Notebook bestsellers list will be a nice surprise for any desktop Linux advocate and possibly a worry for Microsoft and Apple sales executives. At the time of writing there are two laptops with pre-installed Linux in the top ten bestsellers, both in front of the first best selling Apple laptop.
In second position we have the Asus X5DIJ-SX018L Linux laptop, a Pentium Dual-Core laptop with 2GB of RAM, a 250GB hard disk, DVD writer and 15.6" screen, while a few positions below (fourth) we have the brand new, very keenly priced Acer Extensa 5235-571G16N Linux laptop which we wrote about the other day.
The first best selling Apple laptop appears only several positions below. Exact positions occasionally fluctuate slightly as the Amazon bestseller list is updated hourly, but the fact that two Linux laptops are in the top ten is quite remarkable in our opinion. To put this into perspective, when looking at the Laptop bestsellers list or the Laptop bestsellers list we didn't find a single Linux laptop anywhere, in any position.
After last year's boom of Linux netbooks (which has apparently been effectively squashed by Microsoft), is this another temporary fad, or is this a sign that no matter what Microsoft does, they can't keep Linux from conquering more and more of their OS market share?
Only time will tell.

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