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Intel DN2800MT CedarView Atom mini-ITX board power draw testing with Linux and Windows 7

Has single digit power consumption arrived?

In this review we concentrate on the interesting promise of reduced power consumption of the latest generation CedarView Atom by testing power draw of the Intel DN2800MT mini-ITX motherboard, which features a CedarView dual-core Atom N2800. We have done a series of comparative power consumption tests with various Linux distros (and used Windows 7 as reference).

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As Google goes 'big brother', here is an interesting alternative: meta search engine

defend your privacy, while still getting good search results search screen While Google has just announced in it's official blog, that they are working hard to make ads more interesting, not everyone will be happy to discover that this means that Google will be tracking your web surfing habits in more and more detail to achieve that.
So what are the alternatives? Yahoo and MSN search engines have been doing this already too, and frankly in my personal experience the quality of their search results is not as good as Google's...

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Funkwerk bintec S208

Review: Funkwerk bintec S208

8 Port Desktop Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Recently I decided that I wanted to replace my old 10/100Mbit Netgear FS-308 switch with a Gigabit ethernet switch, as data volumes on my home network have increased and most connected devices now have Gigabit ethernet ports...

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