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Linux Tips and Tricks Collection

a collection of short tips and tricks to get the most out of Linux

There is always something new to learn!

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How To Build Uoti's git MPlayer Branch on Linux

easy step by step instructions for Ubuntu and Mandriva Linux

Some of the features included in Uoti's branch are multithreading, Matroska ordered chapters, better SSA/ASS subtitle support, improved VDPAU support, and other improvements.

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Best Reliable Long-term Data Storage Media

how to preserve your digital photos, family videos, music files and documents for your children and grandchildren

Everything you need to know about how to archive your digital photos, video recordings and other personal files safely, for the long-term. This article gives you a complete overview of available storage media with advantages and disadvantages of each and clear recommendations of what to use.

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Linux Disk encryption in 2 easy steps

encrypted data How to create an encrypted memory stick, USB disk, or partition with Linux

With these two easy steps described in this article, you will be able to quickly create a newly initialized encrypted partition on any block device (e.g. memory stick, memory card, USB disk, internal hard disk partition, DVD-RAM disk, etc.).

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Testing computer memory for defects with memtest86+

computer memory Hardware Diagnostics - Part 1

Computer memory (RAM) is generally very reliable, as long as you don't abuse it (extreme overclocking, over-voltaging, overheating, static discharges or physical abuse), it will likely last decades.
There are a few situations though, when you really should test the memory of your computer, to make sure it's working reliably...

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